Ellies Duck House
  • Based On Our Popular Ellies Hen House
  • Larger Duck-sized Door
  • Minimal Incline On Ramp
  • Larger Opening Roof Section
  • Fox Proof (when Bolted!)
  • Ellies Duck HouseEllies Duck House

    Ellies' Duck House

    Based on our popular 'Ellies Hen House' this affordable and high quality house will keep even the fussiest ducks happy.

    A large opening roof section lifts up on sturdy, quality galvanised steel hinges to provide easy access to the interior for cleaning and the door blots shut with a similarly robust bolt. This house is fox proof (When bolted and fastened shut)

    The door is larger than on Ellies Hen House, perfect for ducks. Also perfect for ducks is the virtually level access ramp. The house sits on low profile skids and has a comfortable handle at either end to make moving it an easy one person job.

    Ellies Duck House

    Qty Duck House


    Ellies Duck House
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