The Garden Hen House
The Garden Hen House
  • Quality Heavy-Weight Construction
  • Easy Access
  • Lift Off Side
  • Internal Nesting
  • Skids As Standard
  • The Garden Hen House

    The garden hen house is a very well made traditionally styled hen house. Available in sizes for 4 or 6 chickens it has a secure lift off side enabling easy access to the internal nesting and perches. All of the internal bits are removable for easy cleaning.

    Despite its heavyweight construction, moving the Garden Hen House is easy. It come on skids as standard with a sturdy tow bar and loop. If you are intending to move it regularly wheels are available as an optional extra.

    Made from pressure treated Red Pine (Often referred to as a semi-hardwood) The Garden Hen House, as with all of our products, is further protected from the elements with your choice of Creocote or GreenLeaf timber preservatives and water repellents ensuring that it will be serving you and your chickens well for many years to come.

    If you like the look of The Garden Hen House but would like EXTERNAL nest boxes, have a look at our Orchard Hen House

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    Please browse through the pictures below, we hope they will help to give you an idea of the quality of our products. If you have any questions or would like to visit our workshops to see what we do before you order, please call us on (01283) 813 706.

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    Finishing Information

    We want to make sure that our hen houses will be serving you well for many years to come. That is why we offer a choice of timber treatment on all of our timber products.

    Timber Preservatives

    Our Standard Treatment

    All of the timber we use is clear pressure treated. On top of this our standard treatment is 'Creocote', the new version of Creosote wood preservative. This colours the wood nicely bringing out the grain as well as helping to keep Red Mite at bay. Each product treated with Creocote gets multiple coats internally and externally and should not need re-coating for at least a couple of years, at which point it is easily available and very easy to apply (When re-coating the interior, which should help keep Red Mite at bay, chickens should be kept elsewhere of 4-7 days)

    Custom Colour Finishes

    Using Cupronol Garden Shades

    Some of our products can have custom colour finishes.

    If you would like you hen house coloured we will apply 3 coats of Cupronol Garden Shades as we hand build it for you. Three coats ensures the wood is well protected and provides an excellent finished surface quality. We use a well know brand of 'paint' so that in a few years time when the house could do with a touch up it will be easy for you to find the matching colour.

    The Garden Hen House

    Prices from £365.00

    The Garden Hen House
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